“Honor Thy Passport – a 31 Day Devotional”


Honor Thy Passport takes you to a different place around the world on each day of the devotional. You will find yourself in a multitude of cultural quandaries and unfamiliar environments. You will experience what an adventure of living and walking with Jesus might look like. Wonder, fear, danger, excitement, faith, anger, sadness, joy, and humor all abound as you turn the pages. Through the many adventures, you will discover what is 100% true: the biggest barrier to living out your faith at home or abroad comes from your own resistance.

Each lesson begins with a theme Bible verse and ends with a prayer asking for God’s help to live out His Word. You can read Honor Thy Passport by yourself, but getting together with friends, your youth group or college and career class would be even better. The discussion, prayer and encouragement offered in a group is invaluable as you explore what opportunities God might have for you in the Great Commission.

There is so much more to traveling than taking photos, staying in nice hotels and fine dining. Adventures are awaiting you that National Geographic and Discovery Channel will never do justice because they are missing the two essential ingredients: YOU and the GOSPEL!

Honor Thy Passport is available in paperback and ebook. Group discounts apply.

“God’s love extends beyond borders, closes cultural gaps, penetrates resisting nations, and creates supernatural experiences.”